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Florida House of Representatives

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U.S. House of Representatives:  www.house.gov

U.S. Senate:  www.senate.gov
Advocacy Guide FCHonline.org

Tips For Getting Around The Capitol
www.homelessofhc.org/Tips.pdf FCHonline.org

Florida Legislature

Bills To Watch
    •FCH Bill Tracking 02-24-10-1.pdf FCHonline.org
    •FCH Bill Tracking 03-05-10.pdf FCHonline.org
    •FCH Bill Tracking 03-13-10.pdf FCHonline.org
    •FCH Bill Tracking 03-19-10.pdf FCHonline.org
    •FCH Bill Tracking 03-26-10.pdf FCHonline.org
    •FCH Bill Tracking 04-02-10.pdf FCHonline.org
    •FCH Bill Tracking 04-09-10.pdf FCHonline.org
    •FCH Bill Tracking 04-16-10.pdf FCHonline.org
    •FCH Bill Tracking 04-24-10 Rev .pdf FCHonline.org
    •FCH Bill Tracking 05-05-10 (Final).pdf FCHonline.org
    •FCH Bill Tracking 04-01-11.pdf FCHonline.org
    •FCH Bill Tracking 02-03-12.pdf FCHonline.org
Session Reports
    • Florida Coalition for the Homeless-Final Legislative Report (05-07-10).pdf FCHonline.org
    • HB11_0821_100420-1-House Vote Sheet.pdf FCHonline.org
    • HB 11-Crimes Against Homeless Senate Vote Sheet.pdf FCHonline.org
    • Statistics on Bills.pdf FCHonline.org

U.S. Congress

  • Current Legislation (NLIHC)

Housing Trust Fund Campaigns

William E Sadowski Affordable Housing Act Florida Housing Trust Fund
www.1000fof.org/Appendix.pdf FCHonline.org

National Housing Trust Fund Campaign
Join FCH as a supporter of the National Housing Trust Fund Campaign to create housing for Florida's lowest-income households.

Legislative Agenda & Legislative Day
Common Vision: Housing For ALL Floridians

   • 2010 - Homelessness in Florida - Final.pdf FCHonline.org
   • 2010 Advocacy Training Presentation-1.pdf FCHonline.org
   • 2010 Awareness Day Schedule - Final.pdf FCHonline.org
   • 2010 Legislative Agenda.pdf FCHonline.org
   • ADVOCACY GUIDE - rev 09.pdf FCHonline.org
   • Advocacy Trainings - 2010.pdf FCHonline.org
   • Advocacy Visit Report - 2010 Final.pdf FCHonline.org
   • Fund Homeless Coalitions and State Programs - 2010-1.pdf FCHonline.org
   • Getting Around the Capitol.pdf FCHonline.org
   • Homeless Awareness Day in Tallahassee Flyer - 2010.pdf FCHonline.org
   • Housing for All Floridians 2010 - Issues Training - 1.pdf FCHonline.org
   • SadowskiFundsin2010.pdf FCHonline.org
   • Support 2010 Homelessness Bill-1.pdf FCHonline.org
   • Violence Against Homeless Individuals - 2010.pdf FCHonline.org
   • 2012 Awareness Day Schedule 1.22.12.pdf FCHonline.org
   • 2012 SAVE THE DATE.pdf FCHonline.org

News & Media

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• Action Alerts!

   • Senate Transportation Committee.pdf FCHonline.org


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