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FCH Policy Council


The purpose of the Policy Council is to advise the FCH Board of Directors on matters of policy and priorities of its external and governmental affairs, including the following:

  • To establish the legislative agenda for FCH;
  • To recommend policy to FCH;
  • To identify and further FCH priorities that are meaningful to local homeless coalitions and communities;
  • To engage in activities that carry out the above.


Membership of the Policy Council

2013 Policy Council Membership Roster FCHonline.org
The total number of members of the Policy Council will equal the number of Florida homeless coalitions and lead entities in good standing, as determined by the FCH Board of Directors. A Coalition that is also a Lead Agency may appoint two (2) representatives. The criteria for good standing include the following:

  • The Coalition or lead entity is recognized by the Office on Homelessness as such by having an approved Continuum of Care plan on file;
  • The Coalition or lead entity had paid its membership dues in full.


Homeless Coalitions not officially recognized by the Office on Homelessness may apply to serve as a member of the Policy Council.  Such Coalitions must participate in the local community’s Continuum of Care, and must be recommended by the local CoC or lead entity for membership in the Policy Council.  Such Coalitions must be approved by the full membership of the Policy Council.  Membership dues will be required in the same manner for other Policy Council members.  Term limits and reappointment procedures related to all Policy Council members apply. Policy Council members may serve a term of one year, with option to renew membership annually.

The Policy Council will elect three to eight of its members to serve on the FCH Board OF Directors, in order to achieve 51% representation on the FCH Board.  FCH Board members may not also serve as members of the Policy Council, unless they are elected by the Policy Council to serve on the FCH Board.   Members who are elected to the FCH Board and who resign or are not reappointed to their position on the Policy Council automatically resign their position on the FCH Board.


Meetings of the Policy Council

Policy Council members are expected to attend two meetings per year, one of which will be scheduled during the FCH annual conference.  Failure to attend at least one meeting annually may be cause for termination of membership in the Policy Council. All other requirements for meeting participation are outlined in the FCH Bylaws. Termination of organizational membership will be approved by the full membership of the Policy Council.



Benefits of membership of the Policy Council

In order for FCH to be effective, a broad and strong membership is needed.  The current affairs of homelessness are in a crisis in our state, we must continue to address the issues.  Benefits of Policy Council membership include:

  • The opportunity to serve as a Board member of the Florida Coalition for the Homeless Board of Directors.
  • Stay abreast of changing, relevant issues in real-time that affect the state’s homeless population.
  • Continual advocacy (for federal and state levels) on behalf of local organizations as a state-wide organization.
  • Becoming part of the solution and joining those who are making an impact.
  • Networking with others in the field; learning and implementing best practices.
  • Linkages with experts in developing an operating homeless programs and services.
  • Voting Rights (one per organization).
  • Annual Homeless Conference attendance at a reduced rate.
  • Annual Homeless Advocacy attendance.

Recognized coalitions may join at any time by submitting nomination form and paying dues. Annual membership dues are required of all Policy Council members. If interested in joining the FCH Policy Council, please contact admin@fchonline.orgfor membership details and dues.


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