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FCH Library - Publications

The Florida Coalition for the Homeless periodically offers a variety of publications and documents on current events and issues related to homelessness.

In order to view our library area, readers must be members of the Florida Coalition for the Homeless. If interested in becoming a member, please join by clicking link to membership form.

Our current documents in the Library:

Fact Reports

  1. 007 Policy Guide- NAEH FCHonline.org

  2. 2006 Rental Market Study of Housing Need for the Homeless FCHonline.org

  3. 2007 Annual Report on the Homeless Condition in Florida FCHonline.org

  4. 2007 Council on Homelessness Annual Report FCHonline.org

  5. 2009 Annual Report on Homeless Conditions in Florida FCHonline.org

  6. Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress

  7. Common Sense Report - FLSHC FCHonline.org

  8. Couch Homeless Report FCHonline.org

  9. Dying Without Dignity - NCH FCHonline.org

  10. Educating Homeless Youth: Guide to Their Rights FCHonline.org

  11. FL Fair Housing and Human Rights Final Report FCHonline.org

  12. Florida Supportive Housing Resource Inventory FCHonline.org

  13. Food Sharing Intolerance FCHonline.org

  14. Hate Crimes Report

  15. Independent Living Advisory Council Report FCHonline.org

  16. National Preservation Catalog FCHonline.org

  17. New Definition of Homelessness FCHonline.org

  18. Out of Reach

  19. Putting Housing Wage to the Test - NLIHC FCHonline.org

  20. When It Hits Home:Protecting the Homeless Under Federal Hate Crime Laws FCHonline.org

  21. Working Poverty FCHonline.org


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